Ready to have some fun? Perfect for jetting around town or your morning commute, the DC Trike is a universal stand-up e-trike that’s built for your needs and meets our high standards. This amazing e-trike doesn’t require pedalling, is highly manoeuvrable and has an incredible zero turning radius. It’s fun to ride and, with three wheels, it’s an easier and safer ride than any two-wheel bike or scooter.

The unique design provides riders with a low centre of gravity, which makes riding safer, stable and almost untippable. The chromoly frame has passed the most stringent industry stress tests and weight ratings. The trike features high-quality bike components to ensure a smooth, quality ride for everyone.

The DC Trike has become enormously popular for riders who are unable to ride a two wheel device. The trike is a huge hit with people with a disability or with balance issues and in many cases, the DC Trike has changed their lives. Check out our the testimonials by clicking here.



DC-Tri has evolved to become DC Trike!