Commercial Sales

Trike Fleet

Add a fleet of 10 DC Trikes from as little as $24 per trike per week!

Equipment Finance:

Though our association with Finlease (Australia) Pty Ltd, can may be able to purchase a fleet of 10 x 250W DC Trikes, on a three year term, for around $24 per trike per week! That’s equivalent to less than 1 hour trike hire per week, at recommended rental rates.

Available for direct sales from DC Trike Pty Ltd. Credit is provided by Finlease Pty Ltd and is subject to approval. Offer available to approved FInlease Australia Pty Ltd applicants only. Fees & charges apply. Based on purchase of a fleet of 10 x 250W DC Trikes over a 3 year term. Weekly repayments are an estimate only and are subject to change.

Rental Operators:

DC Trikes have already been a huge hit with bike rental companies in Australia in New Zealand and now they are set to take off with operators around the world. Operators love the durability and high performance of the trikes and they have become one of the best-performed items in their fleet. DC Trikes have opened a whole new market to operators who can now rent multiple trikes to families who can ride and explore together. Patrons love the unique design of the DC Trike and its superior safety features. From an operator’s point of view, the popularity of the trikes can result in higher demand and increased hourly rental rates, which can generate greater revenue per hour for each rental. As our testimonials reflect, (click link), this popularity regularly results in DC Trikes being rented before any other e-bike / scooter inventory. The overwhelming feedback from operators demonstrates the wide appeal to a range of ages, making the trikes a huge hit with customers.

With low start-up costs and opportunity for high profitability, a fleet of DC Trikes can offer an extremely quick return on investment for any bike rental business. Earnings can quickly cover fleet investment within a few short weeks. Take a look at what a fleet of DC Trikes can do for your business. (See: Sample Fleet)


The DC Trike stand-up platform provides easy step-on/off ride ability without the awkward balance issues inherent in other e-mobility or stand-up devices. Stability and low-cost operation provide multiple commercial uses that have not yet been fully addressed within the e-mobility market. Riders appreciate the simplicity of operation - step on the platform, press throttle and go! It’s that easy!


With a low centre of gravity and without the need of balancing on two wheels, negotiating the ride on a DC Trike is much easier than standard bikes or e-bikes. Regular bikes and e-bikes require the rider to balance or they are forced place their feet on the ground when stopping. The moment between stopping and foot placement can cause riders to topple or collide into people or objects. DC Trike offers a stable platform throughout operation, making navigation around crowds or obstacles extremely easy whether in motion or standing still. Moving slowly though crowded areas can be difficult on any devise, however rider visibility on the DC Trike is greatly increased, as the rider stands taller.

Commercial / Security / Police Use:

DC Trike offers huge advantages for workers in security, police and commercial industries. Security coverage and patrols can be accomplished far more quickly and safely, potentially reducing the number of security personnel or staff required. In fact, DC Trike is the perfect mobility solution to any work environment where workers need to walk long distances and re required to be on their feet for long periods.