Venice Beach, California, USA

The perfect way to commute and have fun

DC Trike requires less skill or fitness than bike riding so, if it's been a while since you’ve ridden a bike, this trike is perfect for you! The DC Trike is ideal for:

  • Anyone wanting to have outdoor fun
  • Commuters
  • Students
  • Young professionals
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Kids
  • Tech lovers
  • People who walk long distances with their work

2021 new colour range

A new year brings a new range of colours! Due to public demand, we have released a new range of DC Trikes in colours that you are bound to love!



Unlike a bicycle, there is no requirement for riders to have great balance whilst riding the DC Trike. This makes the trike appealing to a wide range of people, many who may not have ridden a bike for some time. The trikes stand up design can reduce pain associated with long distance bike riding including wrist strain, back pain and seat pain, making the experience much more enjoyable. Now, riders can travel long distances, far more safely and with much more control than a traditional push trike and/or scooter.

Whilst the DC Trike provides massive fun and enjoyment to all riders, the trike has become a huge hit for people with disability. Given the ease of riding the device, the DC Trike has become the personal transportation device of choice for those who are unable, or struggle, to ride a two-wheel bike or trike. We know that the trike has transformed the lives of many people – old and young. We have experienced great satisfaction watching children, who have never been able to go bike riding with their friends, now being able to join them on their DC Trike! Similarly, we have witnessed older people, who don’t feel safe or confident riding a two wheel bike, now experiencing freedom riding the DC Trike with their grandchildren. For these people, it’s a whole new world!