Tour Opererators

Don't just believe us.
Listen to what the tour operators say

“If you’re a hire operator looking for a quality, robust, fun and simple to operate money spinner then look no further. The DC Trike is it - customers love these eye catching machines and so do I”.    

Russell Johnston
Owner - Rusty’s Bike Hire,
Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast  

“The DC-Trikes are amazing and are a huge hit with our guests. Riders absolutely love them and often ask to continue their hire to “go around again!” From a business point of view, they have been fabulous and are so easy to turn around. They are reliable, a lot of fun and are great for business.”

Danny Kalisher - Owner
Q1 Tour Desk, Surfers Paradise

“We are exceptionally happy with our DC-Trikes. As we are located right on the beach at the Gold Coast, our guests love hiring them to ride up and down the ocean boardwalk and around the Coast. They are extremely popular and we constantly receive outstanding guest feedback. We find them great for families and for people of all ages."

Neil Munro GM
Rhapsody Resort, Surfers Paradise